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Reservation needed on saturday night?

No. They do not accept reservations.

Can you make reservations?

Yes call them. I have before.

Does Kazu do carry out/ to go orders?

Yes, and they have fantastic food 💓 even for the non-sushi people" if they exist" (lol) their ramen is exceptional and they have also a few vegetarian options I highly recommend them they are my definite go to place for sushi and that truly says something for someone who has lived in Florida and traveled to multiple places

does kazu still have a parking lot? if not, where should i park?

Yes there is a parking lot on Nebraska Av directly South of Kazu's or on street parking along Main St. Just don't park in the lot next to the building it is only for the bar next door, there are signs.

What time do you close on Fridays


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